Asheville’s Traffic Problem

Last Wednesday, an accident on Sweeten Creek Road in South Asheville caused people to be stuck in their cars for hours. People living along the road couldn’t get back home and tractor trailers were forced to use a retirement community’s entrance to turn around. If there had been an emergency in any of those communities, it would have been a disaster.

Asheville has a traffic problem and we need to do something about it now. Our infrastructure has not kept up with growth, we allow development to occur in already congested areas, and people in many parts of the City are forced to use their cars to get around because we don’t have adequate sidewalks, bike lanes or transit.

I’ve been fighting hard for my neighbors to get traffic issues addressed and I will do the same for all parts of the City if I’m elected to City Council. I organized my neighbors against a huge development at a terribly congested intersection. Through town hall meetings with the developer, meetings with the City, presentations to zoning boards and hard work, we were able to get the developer to drop the parts of the development that would cause the most traffic, to agree to add a turn lane at the intersection before the development would be built, and to extend a sidewalk over railroad tracks so that people could safely walk to grocery stores down the street.

We need to make sure traffic issues are front and center on City Council’s agenda.